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1865 Thomas Tunnock was born in Uddingston

Thomas Tunnock was born in Uddingston

His family go back several generations in the parish. His father John Tunnock was a joiner and coffin maker and had an advertisement on the main road into Uddingston. It read “Why live a miserable life when for 30 bob you can be buried comfortably”

1890 Tunnock's bakery opens

Bakery opens

After leaving school Thomas served his apprenticeship in Aberdour Bakery. Tom worked hard and saved enough money to buy a bakery in Uddingston for £80 and Thomas Tunnock was Est in December 1890.

1892 Thomas got married

Thomas got married

Thomas married 21 year old dairymaid Mary Mitchell. They lived in the family home in Fairview Place Uddingston. 

1895 Archie was born

Archie was born

Thomas’s son Archie was born in the family home at Fairview Place on 8th June 1895.

1903 Alice was born

Alice was born

Thomas’s daughter Alice was born in the family home at Fairview Place in 1903. Unfortunately Alice died when she was just a teenager.

1906 The Business Grows

The business grows

By 1906 Thomas was employing 6 boys, including son Archie to deliver warm rolls from the oven to customers in the village. The boys would then collect the money on a Saturday morning. Thomas soon branched out into purveying for weddings and special occasions etc.

1910 Fire in the bakery

Fire in the bakery

In 1910 a fire destroyed the bakery, but within 2 years Thomas had built a new bakery at Loanhead Mansions in the main street. 

1912 Tearooms Opened

Tearooms opened

Thomas opened his own tearoom. He advertised the tearoom for hire saying “Commercial dining for socials, smokers and presentations available”.

1913 Archie starts his own business

Archie starts his own business

Business prior to the first world war was slow, so Thomas made the difficult decision to ask son Archie to find other employment. Archie started his own car hire business with 2 cars, and bought petrol from the local plumber. 

1916 Archie goes to war

Archie goes to war

War was declared in 1914 and in 1916 Archie sold his 2 cars and joined the army. He was sent to Iraq where he served for 3 years with no leave. 

1920 Thomas Tunnock died

Thomas Tunnock died

During the later years of the war Thomas’s health began to fail and they had to close the bakery. Unknown to Archie his father died in January 1920 aged 54 just 2 weeks before Archie returned from Iraq. 

1921 Archie opens new bakery

Archie opens new bakery

Archie returned from the war to be told his father’s dying wish was that he reopened the bakery. With his demob money he and his mother opened the bakery soon afterwards. Despite the hardship of the miners’ strike in 1921, Archie supplied school meals for several local schools. 

1924 Archie opens larger tearooms

Archie opens larger tearooms

Archie opened a larger tearoom above the shop. The bakers shop and tearoom are still there today. 

1926 Archie got married

Archie got married

Archie married Margaret Boyd, a local farmer’s daughter. They both work hard building up the business.

1929 A boy is born, Tom

It’s a boy

Archie and Margaret welcome their first child into the world on 19 June 1929. Son Tom was born in the family home at Springfield Avenue Uddingston.

1933 Another boy is born

Another boy

A second son, Boyd followed on 25 January 1933. Like his elder brother Boyd was born in the family home at Springfield Avenue.

1947 Archie opens day light bakery

Archie opens day light bakery

Like his father Archie started purveying at local functions. Steak pie teas were a favourite, with Archie supplying all the food, tea, sugar, cream, cups, saucers and event flowers for the table. In the early days they only had 3 vans that transported food and accoutrements to the halls. The cutlery and china were brought home in the early hours of the morning and washed for the next function. A few hours later at 6am the vans would be out delivering rolls. 

1952 The Caramel Wafer was born

The Caramel Wafer was born

Archie realised that he had to make something that had a longer shelf life than a cake. So he bought a dozen dry wafers and learned how to make caramel and chocolate. The result was the now famous Caramel Wafer. 

1954 The Snowball was born

The Snowball was born

Archie came up with the idea of using Italian meringue to make a new product. Along with Boyd and Tom they covered it in chocolate flavour and desiccated coconut.

1955 The Caramel Log was born

The Caramel Log was born

The Caramel Log made a welcomed addition to the range in 1955. It was made from caramel and  wafer covered in flavoured chocolate and lovely golden roasted coconut. This product became very popular in the Middle East. 

1956 The Teacake was born

The Teacake was born

Boyd Tunnock, Archie's younger son was given the task of developing a new product. Boyd did a lot of market research and further developed the idea of using Italian meringue. He made a biscuit base, hand piped the mallow onto the base and covered in milk chocolate. The Teacake made its first appearance in 1956.

1960 - 1990
1962 The factory grew

The factory grew

Further factory extensions followed in 1962 and 1965 and the factory now occupies the site of the old bakery where Thomas Tunnock served his apprenticeship in the 1880’s.

1965 another factory extension

Another extension

Another factory extension was completed in 1965 to cope with demand for the new biscuit products.

1970 on the go with 37 vans

On the go with 37 vans

The business was going from strength to strength and the Caramel Wafer soon became a symbol of Tunnock’s high quality. A well-known trade mark promoting the products were the Tunnock’s delivery vans of which there were 37 at the time. These vans serviced shops, cash and carries all over the Central belt of Scotland.

1975 Archie celebrates his 80th birthday

Archie celebrates his 80th Birthday

Archie celebrated his eightieth and there was a semblance of an Uddingston national holiday. The factory employees bought him a personal flag to fly above the Tunnock’s factory. The staff had great difficulty in thinking of something he did not already have. 

1976 Golden Wedding

Golden Wedding

Archie and Margaret celebrate their golden wedding with friends and family at a local hotel.

1981 Sadly Archie dies

Sadly Archie dies

Archie's wife died in 1980 after a short illness. Archie passed away on 17th July 1981. He was in his 86th year. He worked right up until the week he died, but left the business in good hands.

1983 Japan is calling

Japan Calling

A fleet of these vans used by our agent in Okinawa – Japan selling the Milk Chocolate Wafer Cream.

1987 Boyd awarded an MBE

Boyd awarded an MBE

Boyd was awarded the MBE in recognition for the company's increased sales to foreign countries. The ceremony was conducted at Buckingham Palace London.

1990 vintage van tv advert

TV advert

Longest serving employee John Bain driving the Fleur de Lys vintage van in the new advert for television.

Tunnock's Placeholder image rampant lion with Tunnock's flag

Tunnock’s celebrate 100 years

Tunnock's celebrate their centenary in style. Boyd throws a party for all the staff at the 5 star Albany hotel in Glasgow. Naturally everyone had the day off on a Sunday!

1994 Supergrass visited the factory

"T" in the Park visitors

90's pop band Supergrass visited the factory before performing at the first "T" in the park at Strathclyde Park.

1999 Candy Kettle Award


Tunnock’s were presented with the Prestigious Candy Kettle Award for services to the confectionery industry (previous recipients include Mr Ferrero and Mr Jacobs).

Tunnock's Placeholder image rampant lion with Tunnock's flag

Robotic system for Caramel logs

Tunnock’s have always bought the best of machinery available and in 1999 Boyd placed an order for the robotic system to pack Caramel logs. This was a toe in the water of robotic technology and proved to be very successful.


Continued expansion

Export sales continue to expand with new customers in Ghana, Denmark, Singapore, Egypt and mainland Spain.

2002 Andie MacDowell

Andie MacDowell

Hollywood actress Andie MacDowell claims she can't get enough Caramel Wafers after they featured in her new film Crush.

2003 Boyd's 70th birthday

Boyd celebrates his 70th Birthday

Boyd celebrates his 70th birthday with a slap up party for all his staff at the Glasgow Hilton Hotel. 

2004 Boyd awarded CBE

Boyd gets CBE

Boyd is awarded the CBE at Buckingham Palace for his contribution to charity. One of Boyd’s many passions is the works of Robert Burns and he donates a 5 figure sum to help the building of the new Burns Museum at Alloway.


Teacake robot

After a great deal of research Tunnock’s bought its first Teacake robot. This was a huge step forward and a much needed addition to the portfolio. 

2007 Scotland, England border

Scotland, England border

The readers of a popular Scottish Newspaper were asked to put forward ideas for a landmark to welcome visitors to Scotland

2008 viva la teacake Chris Martin

Viva La Teacake

Coldplay's frontman Chris Martin reveals his secret passion for Teacakes and Caramel Wafers.

2010 120th anniversary

Tunnock's celebrate 120 years

In recognition of the company's 120th anniversary one of our production companies offered to make a short video charting the history of the firm. Mr Tunnock gave the green light and talks us through the timeline of the company.

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2010 The teacake has landed

The Teacake has landed

In 2010  an American astronaut's visit to Scotland was paid for by Tunnock's because the parachutes on Apollo 16 looked like Teacake wrappers. Charlie Duke was the 10th man to walk on the moon and was delighted to have an association with Tunnock's.

2011 Caramel Wafer Dress

Caramel Wafer Dress

Miss Glasgow Amanda Quinn won a beauty contest wearing a dress made out of Tunnock's Caramel Wafer wrappers.

2012 Meerkat takes the biscuit

Meerkat takes the biscuit

Meerkat pup called Tunnock is so small he weighs the same as 4 Teacakes. Tunnock was born at Blair Drummond Safari Park near Stirling

2013 5th generation

5th family generation

Boyd's third grandchild Stuart joins the business after spending 7 years building jet engines at Rolls Royce. He brings a wealth of knowledge and no doubt will be a big asset taking the business forward.

2014 Commonwealth Games

Commonwealth games

Tunnock's were approached by the games organisers to use an image of the Teacake at the opening ceremony. We gave our permission and were delighted to play our part at this fantastic occasion.

2015 Team Teacake get ready

Team Teacake get ready

Staff members from Tunnock's get ready for a charity zip slide across the River Clyde in Glasgow. They were raising much needed funds for the Paul O'Goram Centre in Glasgow.

2015 New Caramel Log robot

New Caramel Log robot

2015 saw the replacement of our 1st robot with a shiny new one. This significantly increased productivity

St Abbs

Tunnock’s keep the ship afloat

Tunnock's donate a 6 figure sum to the St Abbs lifeboat station appeal helping the resumption of operations at the Berwickshire site after the RNLI ceased its operation there.

The new "Thomas Tunnock" purpose built life boat will continue the life saving tradition first established at St Abbs in 1911.

Tunnock Factory

Factory Extension

Following a multi-million pound investment, a new 3 storey extension opens adding a further 20,000 square feet to the existing factory.  This extension houses new state of the art machinery and helps boost production capacity by 10%.

Sir Boyd Tunnock

Arise Sir Boyd

Our managing director Mr Boyd Tunnock achieves a “career highlight” and is honoured for services to business and charity after being knighted by the Queen at a royal investiture ceremony at Buckingham Palace.  Sir Boyd discovered the Queen is a fan of his creation – the Tunnock’s Teacake!

Tunnock Factory

On the up and up

Thomas Tunnock Ltd’s turnover exceeds £60 million in annual sales for the first time, achieving £61.4M in the year to 23rd February.

Tunnock Challenge Cup

Tunnocks rises to the Challenge!

Tunnock’s partner with the Scottish Professional Football league (national men’s association football league in Scotland) to sponsor the Scottish Challenge Cup.  The competition, known as the Tunnock’s Caramel Wafer Challenge Cup kicked off on Oct 2019.

NHS Louisa Jordan


In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Tunnock’s ceases production to protect its 600 staff.  The factory reopens several weeks later after social distancing safeguards have been put in place. 

During the shutdown, Sales Director Mr Fergus Loudon delivers a gift of 2,500 Teacakes and Caramel Wafers to frontline keyworkers at the new NHS Louisa Jordan hospital Glasgow in support of all their terrific work.

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